The fight against the Coronavirus is taking place on a number of fronts, but a mere few think about one of the most challenging arenas in the fight against it – prisons. Signs of distress are coming from prisons all over the world. An outbreak of the Coronavirus in a prison can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario for prison authorities, enforcement, and health authorities alike.

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The speaker, Col. (ret.) Natan Paz has over 24 years of experience in prison management and special forces. He is an Expert in fighting crime & terror tactics: inside, into, and from prison facilities. He is a former head of the national prison special intelligence unit “DROR”, a former Commander of “RAMON” maximum-security prison, and the Head of the research and evaluation department at the intelligence division of the IPS.

In this webinar, he covers some of the most important aspects of the problem and answers the questions about how to protect prisons from an outbreak of the Coronavirus? Is there a right way to implement a prisoner releasing tool? What do we do with new detainees?