The International Institute for Migration and Security Studies is organizing a FREE WEBINAR on TUESDAY /19.05.2020/ on the topic “Coronavirus, Migration, and Security in Europe”. Speaker: Dr. Mordechai Kedar. 
In Europe, thousands of migrants live in tents and millions in poverty in densely populated suburbs. Living on the margin of the European society, many of them were affected by the closedown of businesses, therefore unemployment in these migrant groups is higher than citizens of their host countries. Charity organizations have been receiving less support than usual from governments and donors and their resources are limited. The migrants’ image was low to begin with, and they are seen more and more as a burden on European societies. Migrants feel this change, and their resentment against the host societies grows bigger. Some may express their frustration in violent manners.
  • How does the Coronavirus lockdown affect migrants in Europe?
  • What are the risks for their host countries?
  • What should be done to avoid violent situations, caused by frustration and hunger?
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