“History in its broadest aspect is a record of man’s migration from one environment to another.”

            Ellsworth Huntington

Innovations bring change. The changes challenge the status quo and this is the natural law of evolution. In the century of intensive technological growth, the nation states and the international community are facing new challenges. Their character is shaped by the fluctuations in the current demographic structure. This process is expected to evolve in a rapid pace and its nature is to become more complex. Each unexplored or underestimated issue represents a threat for security. Thus, it is time to shift the focus from crisis management to sustainable long-term solutions.

We recognize the compound nature of the current migration and security issues and for us, the only way to effectively solve the latter is to evaluate the problem from each possible perspective.

Through the IIMSR platform we aim to study and expand the synergy, which is accumulated when the solid field experience meets the extensive academic knowledge.

In the IIMSR, we believe that migration flows may not only have negative but also positive impact on the international development. We believe in the importance of diversity, human rights, unbiasedness and the right to an adequate standard of living.  Hence, it is our mission to find the right approach which will turn threats into opportunities.

I encourage everyone who shares our values and believes, to join our efforts for shaping a better future.


Amir Goren

President of IIMSR