IIMSR members enjoy access to a nonpartisan platform for exchange of ideas through which they engage with and gain insight from experts in migration and security. Members have the opportunity to communicate with prominent thinkers and practitioners in academia, policy and business. IIMSR is dedicated to facilitating an intellectual exchange of ideas through expert panel discussions, events and forums exclusively for members. Through exposure to publications, briefing materials and special content on members benefit from an expansive collection of intellectual capital and resources. The members of IIMSR have the opportunity to become active part of the organisation contributing through their expertise and knowledge.


IIMSR seeks diversity, and balance in its membership. We have embedded in our criteria for membership intellectual achievement, expertise, experience, interest, involvement in the topics of migration and security, desire and ability to participate in our activities.

How to apply:

Candidates can send an online membership application available HERE.

Please submit your application together with your CV and your contact information


* Here, at IIMSR we care for your privacy. That is why we have taken appropriate measures to ensure that the data you have provided to us is always secure. If you have any questions related to GDPR compliance or data protection, please contact us at